The World’s Premier Soft Chew Supplier

Nutravail is a pioneer in alternative deliveries. We were the first company to deliver active ingredients in a Soft Chew, and we patented a unique, cold process allowing us to incorporate virtually any nutraceutical ingredient in our confectionary matrix.

Over the past decade, our Product Development group has created hundreds of unique formulas expanding the Soft Chew beyond a calcium delivery. If you are looking for an alternative delivery to diversify your product offering, we are the ideal partner to provide turn-key development and manufacturing.

Uncooked Soft Chews

Nutravail owns patents to a cold or uncooked process allowing us to produce a confectionary mass without applying a heat source. This gives us the unique ability to incorporate high payloads of active ingredients, including heat-sensitive ingredients. It is also a very versatile and adaptable process that guarantees content uniformity with complex, multi-ingredient blends or minute dosages of single ingredients. The final product is distinctly different from a cooked soft chew in that it is less chewy and does not stick to your teeth.