Dispensing and Mixing

Nutravail’s unique manufacturing process starts at the mixing phase. Ingredients are weighed, screened and dispensed under strict GMP conditions and then mixed at low temperatures. The resulting product is a cohesive mass with proven blend uniformity down to microgram levels.

Extrusion and Tempering

The Soft Chew mass is fed into a series of extruders, cooling tunnel and sizing wheels to deliver product “ropes” to the cutting/wrapping machines. The ropes are monitored for temperature and density to ensure a consistent finished product.

Soft Chew Cutting and Wrapping

The product ropes are fed into precision, high-speed cutting and wrapping machines to be formed into soft chews and wrapped in foil or wax paper. Active ingredient content uniformity is controlled by tight weight tolerances, typically within 2.5% of our target 5.2g piece.

Secondary Packaging

Once the soft chews are cut and wrapped, they are prepared for bulk shipment to our customer or released to Nutravail’s high-speed flexible packaging line. Nutravail partners with a major packaging supplier to develop and source resealable foil pouches at competitive prices and minimums. Our form/fill/seal machines can pack pouches of various sizes with a stay-fresh interlock zipper.

Case Packing

With the use of a state-of-the-art robot picker, individual bags are gently and swiftly placed in a case size and count of your choice.

Finished Product Testing and Release

Prior to releasing every lot produced, Nutravail tests for all claimed active ingredients, micro-organisms and heavy metals pursuant to agreed specifications. Nutravail relies on a combination of qualified third-party labs and its own in-house analytical lab for finished product testing.